Zelda Wind Waker - Pearl Hunt

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100 years after Link has defeated Ganon in Ocarina, he will once again prepare for a battle against the evil Ganondorf, in order to keep Hyrule free from evil forces, and be proclaimed as the Hero of the Winds. This article will be showing you a summary of the part in a game called the Pearl Hunt.

Link needs to rescue his younger sister Arylla from the evil forces of Ganondorf. He needs to invade the Ganondorfs Fortress and locate the Master Sword that has the power to seal evil in Hyrule. The problem is the time is running out and he failed.

This failed fortress rescue mission gave way to a scene where the Red Lions king save Link and gave a magical baton known as Wind Waker to Link. This baton has the power to change the direction of the wind and will greatly help you in navigation. The Red Lions King will also give you directions to sail across the Great Sea and look for the 3 Goddesses Pearls, which will allow the Tower of the God to emerge from the ocean.

After the Towers of the God emerge, Link will be set to fight Gohdan inside the towers in order to sail through the Ring of Light. This Ring of Light will lead Link through the underwater kingdom Hyrule which was frozen in time because the Master Sword has sealed the evil inside.

Link will try to find the sword in order to free Hyrule Castle, but as soon as he released the castle from being frozen, the evil inside it also awakens and Link needs to fight them before going to the surface.

After this scene, Link will use the sword to locate the Ganondorfs Fortress where Tetra is waiting for him in order to release Aryll and the other captives of Ganondorf. He was able to save Aryll and others, but a darker part of the story is yet to be revealed.
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Zelda Wind Waker - Pearl Hunt

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This article was published on 2010/12/05