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Ancient texts and later day religious readings all depict powerful demons as evil beings from the bowels of the underworld, residing in a dimension that only subsists to combat heaven. These demonic evil creatures appear to take on many identities, some of them seldom human, unless demonic control looks to be at play.

These ancient texts translated through the ages, have clearly depicted satanic demons as fallen angels or something beckoned by the presumed witches of the time to obtain the capacity to occupy the body of humans, only extricating it through the ancient ritual of an exorcism. Given demons are believed by many to be fallen angels and the contrary of all that is good or holds sanctum, a clergyman is typically called upon to carry out the ritual.

Demons have been feared and written about in practically every society in one type or another for as long as historical events have been noted and some credit them to be tangible physical entities that can take the form of anything, including small children. Other people think about real demons as more of a non-material force of evil fighting for one's spirit.

It is perhaps pertinent to draw our minds back to an era when acute schizophrenia disorders were widely considered manifestations of demon possession or indeed where individuals own beliefs labeled them with a stereo typical persona which in later day times resulted in a state sanctioned execution.

The witch trials at Salem Village, for example, were founded on the conviction that particular individuals were possessed by the devil. During the Medieval times, the Christians traditionally thought of all paranormal things that were not clearly interpreted as holy by the bible as an evil matter, generally dealing with the Demon or fallen angels.

The two most frequently referred to forms of demons are the incubus and succubus and notwithstanding the fact that the actual names of satanic demons appear to have developed through the ages differing from one religious text to another, there are however some common powerful demons names persisting including;

Lilith (also Lila, Lilitu and Lalu)

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Names of Satanic Demons

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This article was published on 2010/03/29