Are You Remembering What I Remember?

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Looking at current war disbelievers, I fear this country has such a short memory that it will end up back where it started, i.e., a fledgling nation struggling to be free from tyrannical rule. American pioneers and founders knew it was worth the hardship and loss of life because we mutually new that death here, though hard for those left behind, meant life eternal for those in the righteous cause of freedom.

At this memorial day , I remember... heroes. Hope is remembering great people by loving and sharing stories of real heroes with our young, about what the heroes left behind, a legacy of thought, word, and deed. The top of the list for me Dad, Lt. in the US Navy, WWII. Lord, let me leave a legacy such as his: traditional American heart, a family man, love of Jesus, and courage to speak out and tell the truth.

Legacy applies to all great heroes, those who stood up for freedom! Top of the list of heroes of today are our brave soldiers born in the USA; bottom of the list - political pseudo-leaders who defame American military and honor evil in thought ,word, and deed!

We rarely see the masterful things our soldiers accomplish but we certainly get massive amounts of media attention to their "job" - fighting evil, the undeniable force whose only mission is to seek, to kill, and destroy unless heroes remain committed to vigilantly seeking, killing, and destroying evil at its beginning moments. I honor the ongoing legacy of today's soldiers with prayer and sending as many emails, pictures, and movie clips displaying the good they are doing that I possibly can.

From the beginning of time freedom has been bought by lives lost; we must remember. I tenderly remember and take comfort and glorious remembering for the memorial days, events, and monuments The United States of America sets aside for us to continue honoring our legacy of focused, passionate heroes.

We must remember! Freedom is not a willy nilly ride; it does not mean that we allow evil lovers to illegally break-in to our country, manipulate and mock our judicial system, or infiltrate our neighbors! We are a merciful people, not a welcome mat for evil; we need to commemorate our freedom fighters and remember the difference in good and evil. Evil thrives when good folks do nothing.

Today is creating the legacy for all our tomorrows.

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Are You Remembering What I Remember?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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