7 Great Evil Souvenirs

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When we travel to some place, we must nuy some souvenirs as a gift. This is so common but we should know that some souvenirs are bad and evil.

1, Hawaii

The most dangerous scenic spot is Hawaii. When visitors come to visit it, they will see the words which were written by Hawaii Tourism Authority "Do not take away any debris within the territory of Hawaii". Many visitors thought it was a behavior of environmental protection, but the fact is that is the curse of Hawaii tribe.

2, the Scottish stone

Another place where there is a stone curse, that is Scottish stone. But few people know it. The ancient Scottish warriors were fall in the death because of the curse.

3, Dead bone in Tibet

Many people may buy some tourism products when they go on a trip to Tibet. They may buy a small fine in the street, however these products are not simple, they are made of the old Tibetan shaman or a noble human bone, the bowl may be a human skull; small horn may be one leg; small box may be the pelvis, buy you do not know the turth. Some people say these things if is the illegal possession, then it will be easy to call back the soul, and can provoke the soul of Nepal or Tibet. So be careful about that.

4, Japanese traditional doll

In Japan, there will be doll brought worshipers, particularly the regular dolls, but do not take them. Because they have put the dolls for many years, the Japanese believe that spirituality has lived in the doll and they think these dolls should be left at the temple to worship. So the Japanese do not like to buy the old stall in the flea, so as not to mess with spirit!

5, Turkish evil eye

It is also known as blue-eyed, it is Turkey's most famous souvenirs and is also the most evil thing. This is come from the Middle East Gypsy witchcraft, evil eye hanging at home or in a body can take away the evil and jealous of outsiders. So the evil eye should be replaced frequently, it is harmful. I have a Turkish friend who had ever saw the evil eye burst and hurt others.

6, Black cat statue in Egypt

The most widespread evil is the curse of the Pharaoh Curse, it is said that the destruction of Pharaoh's sleeping will be cursed. But in fact even the items from the tomb of Pharaoh will bring disaster, unfortunately, the painted black cat statue is most effective.

7, Wood near the vicinity of Eastern Europe

Romania has vampires and werewolves, the Eastern Europe, the wood will be treated as weapons which can fight against the two monster (such as crosses or dowel or wooden mallet), and therefore especially vulnerable to these two kinds of evil monsters.

Believe it or not, this is a very strange thing, maybe you havent happen to that thing. But be careful, that is a good choice.
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7 Great Evil Souvenirs

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This article was published on 2011/01/19